About NSN St. Louis

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Севастопольская табак купить МЕФ Каменка The Birthing of an Organization through Vision, Humility and Risk Taking

http://orel-smeta.ru/mood/sitemap80.html By Christopher K. McCaleb

source url Carmen Jackson wanted to start a movement.  By networking at her local church she began the process of working towards her goal of being a pharmaceutical sales rep.  Her networking pool included several doctors and a sales rep in the field she was seeking.   That sales rep was Larry Blue.  With Larry’s assistance she was able to begin the interview process, market herself and earn a position with Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.   

Шишки ак47 в Волжском Carmen wanted to help others as she had been helped.   What was peculiar about her motivation was that it didn’t stop with job placement.   Instead, she envisioned career enhancement and advancement through networking and education within a collective body.
“Mound City Pharmaceutical Rep Organization,” became the name of the group.  The term Mound City is an historical reference towards other black professional organizations in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.  There is the Mound City Medical Forum which is a collection of African-American doctors.  Mound City Bar Association which is a local chapter of African-American lawyers.  The icing, Carmen’s idea, was to add the acronym of MCPRO. (Mc-Pro)

http://mts-islamiyahsayang.sch.id/severe/lidituwa.html Soon after choosing a name Carmen realized that while the name and the vision were a great start, the group would have to see beyond serving only the pharmaceutical sales rep community.  There are but so many pharmaceutical reps in the metropolitan area.  To limit membership to pharmaceutical reps alone would be to limit the growth potential of the organization.  So before the first brochure could be printed, the name was slightly modified to become, Mound City Professional Rep Organization.  (Same acronym)

купить LSD Махачкала Now that MCPRO was officially an organization, its members quickly got busy, hitting the ground running.  Their first program specifically targeted pharmaceutical sales reps and was titled: “What Your Doctors Want from You”.
In 2007 Larry Blue thought of an organization he had heard of by the name of National Sales Network. (NSN) He was told about NSN by Sam Sealey, a very well respected pharm sales rep.   

http://www.ecomcorner.com/slacken/sitemap115.html Debbie Flemming, sales rep with Pfizer Inc. was also a faithful and enthused MCPRO member.  She heard word of the conference because her employer was a sponsor for it.  She made a commitment and personal sacrifice by deciding to attend the conference and investing the total cost of this trip on her own dime.

follow MCPRO Becomes NSN
The stage was set.  This is what MCPRO had been shooting for all along.  They wanted to create and establish a progressive movement that would prove to be an important resource with African-American sales professionals in the bi-state area.  They had gotten off to such a remarkable start and had already accomplished so much NSN’s board was ready to adopt them into the fold right away.  They had received their validation on a national level.   John Watson would fly into St. Louis and to bless and indoctrinate the group himself.   In this meeting he would present the program titled “MCPRO BECOMES NSN” for MCPRO and any other professional that wanted to get on board.  He even sent the flyers to get the word out.
The success story of National Sales Network’s St. Louis chapter has many layers.  However, the bottom line is that the reason the group is here today is because Carmen Jackson wanted to replicate her original experience of helping someone as she was helped from the beginning.   What started as a self-less act of giving has now become a vibrant organization that regularly networks and gives back to a multitude of African-American sales people and business owners.  This is definitely a story worth telling.  And I have been proud to tell it!