About Backpack to Briefcase

купить марихуана Соликамск Irrefutably the Backpack to Briefcase Mentoring and Scholarship Program (BPBC) is an invaluable practicum created to foster the college student’s transition from student to young professional.

Deemed an essential catalyst, the Backpack to Briefcase Mentoring and Scholarship Program, is a proven Experiential Learning Model that provides participants with the professional exposure and development that is a critical component associated with:

• Building Strong Networks
• Navigating the Career Search Process
• Surviving the New Hire Phase
• Shortening Learning Curves
• Sustaining Career Pathways

BPBC, participants are afforded the comprehensive support and guidance of the National Sales Network, St. Louis Chapter’s Mentoring Team, which is comprised of experienced Professional Development Coaches to include:

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• Executive Level Sales Professionals
• District Sales Managers
• Regional Level Sales Directors
• Corporate Vice Presidents
• Successful Entrepreneurs

, to assure the successful completion of the rigorous program comprised of the following:
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Five Part Workshop Series:

• Networking Experiences – How to Effectively Network
• Dress for Success and Corporate Etiquette Workshop
• Resume Writing Corporate Communication
• Interviewing Skills 101 – STAR Model
• Setting Goals and Vision Plans

watch Corporate Simulation

• BPBC HQ Experience

купить Героин Каменка Interviews

• How to move past the telephone screening
• How to win in the Group Interview
• Panel Interview don’t intimidate me
• Ask me for the opportunity

, that collectively contribute to the jumpstarting of careers, while narrowing the gaps associate with: equity, diversity, inclusion and talent acquisition efforts of major corporations.